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Facial Waxing

For people who struggle hiding unwanted facial hair, facial waxing is the solution to the problem. Almost no area of the face (including the chin and neck) is off limits in a professional wax spa. Since men usually have more facial hair, prices for waxing the face are usually a bit higher. Facial waxing provides weeks -even months- of smooth skin without worry about whether or not that special someone notices hair in places you wish it wasn’t.


Eyebrows Waxing

Let your Eyes Speak. A perfectly shaped And sculpted Eyebrow can frame your Eyes and Balance your features.


Your Perfect Eyebrow service includes:– A complete consultation & analysis– Brow Tinting to add Depth & Definition– Brow Waxing & Tweezing to enhance shape– Light Brow makeup & highlight


Miami facial waxing - lips

Lips Waxing

The upper lip and lower lip is a place that hair grows naturally on many women. Unsightly though it is, there are only a few ways to get rid of it. Waxing the upper and lower lip is a simple process that involves skin temperature wax, a quick pull, and no residue. For precision, many estheticians (waxing professionals) also use tweezers to provide a completely hair free lip.


Miami facial waxing - chin

Chin Waxing

Getting rid of unwanted hair on the chin can be a painful experience. Waxing is one of the only ways to eliminate unwanted chin hair in a matter of seconds. A proper chin waxing will even begin to cause hair to grow back thinner, more slowly, or not at all. Chin waxing is one of the more popular facial waxing choices.



Price List
Facial Waxing Cost
Eyebrow Shape &  Wax $15 and up
Lip Wax $10
Chin Wax $20
Full Face Wax $42 and up
Arm Wax Half $28
Arm Wax Full $40
Underarms Wax $18
Lower Leg Wax $40
Upper Leg Wax $45
Bikini Wax $28 and up
Back Wax $40
Brazilian Wax $55