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Oxygenating Facial:

An oxygenating treatment that promotes healthier skin. Excellent for tired and sluggish skin.



Ultimate skin nourishment. Super Antioxidant increases collagen and healthy cell production.


 Moisture Drench:

Ultimate replenishment for moisture deprived skin. Natural hyaluronic acid helps skin retain moisture to improve elasticity and tone.


Detox Deep Pore Treatment:

Active blend of AHA’s make this a great treatment for skin texture and clarity while keeping the skin moist and hydrated.


 Gentlemen’s Facial:

After a thorough analysis of your skin, your aesthetician will select the perfect combination of products to polish and revive your skin.



 Teens Mini Facial:                           

The express treatment includes deep cleansing, followed by gentle extractions and a healing mask. 

Price List
Facial Cost
Oxygenating Facial $70
Radiance $65
Moisture Drench $65
Detox Deep Pore Treatment $65
Gentlemen’s Facial $65
Teens Mini Facial $45